Breathtaking in-store shopping experience on mobile

Our Mission

To provide a breathtaking in-store shopping experience on mobile.


Your Window into the Store

Why would I use it?

Cool app that allows you to shop as if you were in the store. Visit thousands of stores at the comfort of your home!

How do I start?

All you need is the Oktium. Discover an infinite number of opportunities and enjoy a new way of shopping.

Oktium 4 Business

Add Life to Your Digital Store

Why would I need it?

Oktium provides higher customer satisfaction. We give you tools such as Facetime and one click purchases to ensure an amazing in-store experience through smart devices.

How do I begin?

All you need is the Oktium 4B. Give your customers a unique opportunity to reach you from anywhere in the world and engage with them like you would in your store!

There is something amazing going on right now... something words can't even describe.

So we created a video to speak to you!